ntang (ntang) wrote,

I want one.


(I think I posted an older demo video of this thing before, but this is a newer version... and it's even cooler.)

Update: Damnit, LJ won't let me embed the video. Just... there's no real audio, just a music soundtrack, so feel free to mute your speakers, but you have to check out the video if you have even the slightest capacity for technolust in you. Quick summary: it's an updated version of a touchscreen large-screen monitor, with some demo apps specifically designed for it. However, this is not the old-school 50-year-old-geek-with-a-beard giving a demo; this is a simple, elegant demo of a product with a mind-bogglingly slick interface. Imagine scrolling by dragging the screen, resizing a photo by placing two fingers on it and then dragging them apart (or together) until it's the right size, and then "tossing" it to the side by sliding your finger across the screen... oh, just click the damn link. Words don't do it justice.

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