ntang (ntang) wrote,

Powell '08

Mike Powell for President!

(18:34:14) Heath: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Powell_(politician) <---- Face of a Corporate Boot Licker
(18:34:35) me: Sounds like a disgrace to his father.
(18:34:56) Heath: Wikipedia from a glance makes him sound good
(18:36:02) me: and even his bones literally gushed blood.
(18:36:04) me: nice
(18:37:16) me: Well, he gets the "hardcore" award
(18:37:39) Heath: lol yeah that is a pretty hardcore injury
(18:37:41) me: "My fucking bones gushed, bitch! What have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"
(18:37:51) me: I wonder if he ever yells that in a meeting
(18:38:25) me: "Mike, you'll never get that pushed through."
(18:38:26) Heath: And his stance on the internet has been generally good which is bizarre being that he has slept with old media allowing them to recombined into super giant companies
(18:38:42) Heath: lol
(18:40:18) me: "Sorry, sir, we're all out of coffee." "My spine was on the floor! ON THE FLOOR! I'm not the chairman of the FCC anymore, sucka! From now on it's the FHC - for FUCKING HARD CORE!"
(18:40:44) me: He should tear his shirt off in every meeting like Hulk Hogan
(18:40:55) Heath: lol
(18:41:40) me: Man it's a thing of beauty
(18:41:49) me: From now on every politician should have that as a requirement
(18:42:23) me: [x] Spine on floor
[ ] Urethra torn in half
[x] Bones gushed blood
(18:42:48) me: "Sorry, but we're really looking for someone whose urethra was torn in half. I'm sorry, we appreciate your application, but we just can't accept you at this time."
(18:44:00) Heath: lol I dont think many will pass that test
(18:44:16) Heath: He should get the presidency based off that alone
(18:44:19) me: Yup
(18:44:48) Heath: What candidate can compete with that?
(18:45:05) Heath: Certainly not Bloomberg or Guilliani
(18:45:11) Heath: Nor Hilary


(18:47:44) me: My new catch-phrase is going to be: "I'm Mike Powell, bitch! I'mma tear your heart out and eat it!"
(18:47:48) Heath: lol
(18:48:27) Heath: A jeep bouncing off your chest gives you the right to walk into every room and say that
(18:48:53) Heath: Well midsection not chest.. but still I rather not experience it
(18:49:18) Heath: With Bone Bleeding Action!!!
(18:49:37) Heath: The Michael Powell Action Figure in stores NOW!
Tags: desecration, humor, politics

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