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I know I should write about the topic lingering in the air, the elephant in the room, all that good stuff. But whatever, for the first time in a while today just feels like a day.

I saw Elijah Wood on the way home tonight. It's sort of funny, across the street I didn't recognize him, and I was walking across the street and checking out his girlfriend (judging by the way they were holding hands) and almost bumped into him when I realized who it was. She was taller than he was. Short hair, but cute. (Her, not him. He had short hair and looks mildly disturbing, the same way he, well, pretty much always does.) He looked just like he looked in Eternal Sunshine.

In other barely exciting news, my patience has finally paid off - the Mac Mini has just been upgraded, and the new low-end model is now as fast as the old high-end model - and $200 cheaper than it was when it came out. That plus Amazon's free shipping, lack of taxes, and $25 rebate means that I can get me a new Intel Core Duo 1.66 powered machine for only $575. Not bad. (Of course, another question is whether they've modified it in any way to make it harder to install Linux on it - I doubt it, but you never know with Apple.) Compared to the Shuttle PC X100 I've been considering, and it's actually a steal. ($868 for the 1.66 Core Duo vs. $575. I'd rather get the Shuttle, but not at that price differential.) The biggest problem? It's supposedly not due to be available on Amazon.com until November (!!!). It's actually tempting to get it direct for the first time ever.

P.S. MySpace is for pervs:
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