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Everyone always talks about the Toyota Prius, but did you all know about the Honda Insight? The 2006 model gets 60/66 MPG (manual) / 57/56 MPG (automatic). That's even better than the Prius (60/51) if you get the manual option.

The interesting thing, though, is that according to a graph I saw, the Prius has improved its fuel efficiency over time, as new models are released, whereas the Insight has actually gotten slightly less efficient from the first model released to the latest, if that graph was accurate.

It's just interesting to see because there's so much buzz about the Prius and so little about the Insight, and I'm just wondering why. Any car fans out there care to enlighten me? Is there a problem w/ the Insight I don't know about? It's about the same price and has similar styling to the Prius, so I don't think it's that.

(No, I'm not planning on getting a new car, I just like seeing what the options are periodically. At some point my dad's Subaru is going to give up the ghost and we'll have to replace it, I figure, and when we do, I want to get a hybrid or something similar. It's still a few years off, so who knows, maybe it'll be a purely electric car by then, but I seriously doubt it unless someone like Gore does get elected in 2008.)
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