ntang (ntang) wrote,

Video blogs

Ok, I've spent some time looking into them. Video blogs seem to... pretty much... well... SUCK.

Are there good ones? If so, pass them along.

P.S. I've already rejected some of the biggies like RocketBoom for being too f'ing annoying. I checked out Tiki Bar, which was... also annoying. 88Slide would be ok if they'd have two versions: one for those who have seen it before (cut out the annoying lists and disclaimers and explanations) and one for those who haven't. But at even 60 seconds with the annoying stuff, at least it isn't annoying for long. And, yes, the hostess is cute, which of course makes all things better. I like Ask a Ninja although I can take it only in very small doses; fortunately, it doesn't come out too often.

P.P.S. Apparently aspartame was pushed through the approval process by... drumroll... Donald Rumsfeld. Sigh. I may have to switch to non-standard diet coke going forward. This, of course, I haven't bothered to confirm, but hey, read about it yourself here: http://mizu-gami.livejournal.com/169340.html And remember, don't trust the internets without confirming what you read. Having said that, it seems diabolical enough to be his doing. Found on yesthattom's LJ.

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