ntang (ntang) wrote,

Linux on the Intel Mac Mini: the aftermath

Well, the final result ended up being a lot easier than I expected. Boot Camp and the firmware update preps pretty nicely, so it emulates an old-fashioned BIOS, and at that point, it's a cakewalk. I'll post all of the details later, including things like driver details and kernel versions, but it's surprisingly painless.

Of course, the next challenge is setting up a dual-boot successfully. :) I think, though, that I could manage that too, now. I almost had it last time.

So, next steps are to refine* and document this current install so it's easily reproducible, and then I guess I try the dual-boot (or not, haven't decided, yet).

Here it is, hooked up to my (mostly) matching LCD tv, in all of its sleek silvery (and tiny!) goodness. I paired it with a Microsoft* wireless usb mouse/kb combo, so you don't have any of those ugly wires around the thing.

Intel Mac Mini

* - I need to clean up the module list, decide if I want to turn on framebuffer support so that I get a prettier picture (I'm inclined to say "no" as I never plan on logging into the box locally except if it breaks), and clean up the kernel to be a little more efficient. I'm loading a bunch of stuff right now, most of it for no reason. I also may decide to take it apart again at some point - when I cracked the case open (not literally cracked, but...) it seemed fine but since reassembling it, the fan has been going non-stop. It used to run rarely (or at least *very* quietly) and it's kind of annoying. It's still not a lot of noise, but I like the nearly-silent manner of running that it used to have. Not sure if that's because of the case, or maybe because the power management tools on linux don't shut it down properly. It ran hotter before (i.e. in OS X), but more quietly. Hmmm.

** - Yup, I'm running Gentoo Linux on an Apple Mac Mini with an Intel chip inside, using a Microsoft mouse and keyboard. This amuses me for no good reason.

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