ntang (ntang) wrote,

San Diego - Museum of Man

Last Sunday, lilhlfpint and I went to the Museum of Man in San Diego. I took some pictures and made snarky comments. Enjoy!

Dire Wolf
We saw a Dire Wolf Skeleton. Once I killed the necromancer, though, the skeleton fell apart, the enchantment holding it together dispelled.

I was besides myself.

Natural Habitat
The Kuna in their natural habitat, a hand-made hut. Pictured are some of their traditional household objects, including hand-woven baskets, boxes of Kellogg's breakfast cereal, and Quaker Oats.

A Tony the Tiger mask.

Native images of Santa Claus. With crabs.

Pantaloons - Bras
Native art depicting panties (left) and bras (right).

The sign reads "Please do not climb in the exhibit".

Raccoon Quiver
A raccoon quiver. Sucks to be that raccoon.

No Food or Drink
This Exhibit Displays Mummified Human Remains. No Food or Drink.

Traditional Loom
A traditional loom. A more modern loom would accept AmEx.

View the whole set:

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