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A few days ago I wore my new favorite shirt to work. It's pretty basic - purple shirt, with "Bacon is a Vegetable" in white text on the front. Simple, to the point, and utterly awesome.

djstorm just forwarded me a link about how scientists are trying to genetically engineer Omega-3 fatty acids into pig meat, which is fine, but in response, Gmail's little "clip" at the top linked to GoVeg.com's "Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Pigs".

I love this one:

Think that you can outplay a pig on your Playstation? You may be surprised. According to research, pigs are much smarter than dogs, and they even do better at video games than some primates. In fact, pigs are extremely clever animals who form complex social networks and have excellent memories. Eating a pig is like eating your dog! As actor Cameron Diaz put it after hearing that pigs have the mental capacities of a 3-year-old human: "[Eating bacon is] like eating my niece!"

Ah, Cameron, Cameron... if only your niece tasted half as sweet as pig meat. Then she'd be the most delicious niece ever!

Incidentally, who the hell can't outplay a 3 year old on a Playstation? Especially a 3 year old with hooves? That's like being unable to outplay an epileptic paraplegic. Damn Peta people, always distorting the truth. Crazy.

Pass the bacon.

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