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I feel like crap. I've been sleeping more and more poorly recently, and I don't know why. I've got decent AC here so it's not like as the temp outside goes up the temperature inside is really changing. Just... I dunno. I get into bed and it feels so uncomfortable. My body aches and I can't get comfortable and it seems like almost every way I sleep some part of my body ends up losing circulation or getting laid on and aching or something. Bleh. This is really wearing me out, and it sucks. I think tonight I'm going to go to bed ultra-early, not that it'll help. It'll just mean I'll be in pain/discomfort for that much longer, yay. But I'm getting a serious case of sleep deprivation here. Sigh. Took me around 30 or 45 minutes to really wake up and get out of bed, I was so tired. Probably gonna be late for work again at this rate. Bleh. :/
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