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Food, work, kids.

I've come to the realization that there are apparently, judging by my journal, three things in my life. Food, work, and my kids. I post about what I'm eating, or where I'm going to eat, or about the fact that I'm hungry and want to eat. I post about work, about what I'm doing, about what I want to be doing, or about how I'm burnt out there. And finally I post about my kids, how I worry about them, what I'm doing with them, what I want to do with them, what they're doing.

That's my life, in a nutshell. Food, work, and kids.


I steamed some stuffed rice noodle things for dinner tonight, and made some dumplings. Made as in took them out of the package, boiled them, then fried them. Then I ate them all. That's right, every LAST ONE OF THEM! I only made like 8 though plus the noodles. So I was full but not stuffed. They were good. The noodles weren't so great, but the dumplings were excellent.

At work today, my boss was out. He was at a convention or whatever. It was fairly uneventful.

I didn't do much of a walk with my baby today, I was kinda tired and he didn't want to, until we got upstairs naturally. :P Played with him a bit upstairs, then fed him and put him to bed.

That's my life.

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