ntang (ntang) wrote,

My God, Man!

The Giants are falling apart. They've sustained more injuries in the past 3 or 4 weeks than they had in the 4 preseason and 11 regular season games prior to that. And, of course, it's happening at the worst possible time.

Let's review. In the past 3 (4?) weeks, they've lost:
Derrick Ward, groin (backup running back, 35 carries this year)
Chase Blackburn, neck injury (rookie linebacker and potential future star)
Reggie Torbor, hamstring (linebacker)
Jeremy Shockey, ankle (star tight-end)
Tim Carter, hip (wide receiver)
Kareem McKenzie, hamstring (right tackle)
Carlos Emmons, pec (linebacker)
Antonio Pierce, ankle (star linebacker)
William Joseph, ankle (defensive tackle)

Am I missing anyone? I'm not even trying to count the people that were injured and are returning - just the ones that are injured still.

Basically, their linebackers are decimated (for those of you not in the know, there are generally 3 lb's out on the field; the Giants have 4 injured linebackers, whichi means they've gone past their normal backups and in fact have had to bring in free agents in the past two weeks just to fill the holes). They're also missing several other starters on offense and defense. Are these season ending injuries? Nah. But they sure as hell aren't going to make it easier. Before Blackburn (linebacker) was injured midway through the last game, the Giants had been allowing maybe 2 or 3 yards per rush. After that, the number increased several times. (I don't feel like digging up the exact details. Suffice to say, their defense became incapable of stopping the run once they lost Blackburn.)

At this point they have 1 starting linebacker (Nick Griesen, their #2) and they have their #1, 3, 4, and 5 linebackers injured, meaning they're playing their 6 and 7 after Griesen. Except that they don't normally keep 6 and 7, so they just picked up free agents - and at this time of the year, free agents are people that no team wanted. They're considering re-hiring Jessie Armstead, who they released 5 years ago, and who hasn't played in 2 years, just to have someone for the spot. (I'm sure he'll be good; he was an excellent linebacker when they let him go, just too expensive. At this point, having been unemployed for 2 years, he'll be dirt cheap, and he's expressed a strong interest in having the chance to rejoin the Giants at any salary level just to get to retire with the team where he made his name. I respect that, and I always liked him a lot when he was part of the team, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they pick him up.)

Part of me almost feels like they should put in all of their "deepest" (i.e. worst) backups for this last game against the Raiders and conserve their energy for the playoffs, but what they don't want to do is throw the game and end up as a wildcard. On the other hand, since they no longer have the ability for a first-round bye, there may not be a big difference even if they do advance as a wildcard instead of the division leader.

I will say this: I have a growing desire to play Madden again. I may sneak in a game tonight.

P.S. If I make any spelling errors with the player names, I apologize, I just don't feel like checking them.

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