ntang (ntang) wrote,

Being a Giants fan...

I think there's a certain amount of masochism that's involved in being a Giants fan. The Giants have a unique ability to lose any game, any time, no matter what the circumstances.

Today, of course, it was a little more acceptable - with their defense decimated by the loss of so many key players, losing Blackburn (and in such an ugly way) was really what drove the stake into their hearts. I can't really blame them, although it's hard to watch.

Silly as it sounds, the Giants are my escape, my drug - some people get drunk, some people get high, some people play WoW or EQ for 18 hours a day. Me? My escape comes 4 hours at a time, 16 weeks a year (more if they're having a good year). Watching them lose always puts me in a foul mood, and watching them win always helps the mood.

Ah well. 10-5, one game left, and hopefully they'll win that one. 11-5 is not a bad place to be. I just hope they don't lose next week too - to see them come so far and then drop out of first place on a few stupid losses, that'd suck. And here's hoping that they recover from their injuries soon enough to actually have a chance in the playoffs - with 3 linebackers out, and a few other important people, they just can't afford to lose any more.

P.S. Am I the only person that feels like Plaxico has been consistently overrated since he came to the team? Missing that first catch completely changed the tenor of the game, and starting off with a quick touchdown would've really set the Giants emotions for the rest of the game. Ah well. He's good, but not nearly as good as people say.

P.P.S. Still sick. I really hope this damn cold goes away soon. I'm tired of being sick.

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