ntang (ntang) wrote,

Microsoft Money: hour one, strike one two

Ok, so it apparently doesn't allow you to have both a banking and a credit card account with the same institution.

My Amazon card is provided by Chase. My checking account is provided by Chase. I can track one, but not both? WTF?! (And as an added bonus, until a few months ago, I also had a Chase branded credit card - so 2 cards and a checking account all from the same provider. I bet that really would've gotten its panties in a bunch.)

Oh, and I decided I'd give it a shot and I gave them my MBNA login credentials so that they could automatically download my account info. And then it failed, with an unspecified error.

So I can't add all of my accounts, and it can't correctly sync with the accounts I have.

Five minutes in and I'm already on the verge of uninstalling this piece of crap.
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