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God damnit. I'm getting really frustrated now, my Windows box is totally hosed. It seems like I can't do ANYTHING without the damn thing locking up or screwing up in one way or another. Grrr.

I tried ripping some mp3's off of some cd's (I actually own them, and I don't give the mp3's out, so it's legal by anyone's standards actually... I have rather mixed feelings about the whole mp3 debate in general. I do agree the music studios are assholes and don't mind ripping them off, but the artists get so little money already (relatively :P ) that it seems like a real shame to cheat them of any extra profits. I dunno.) and damn MMJB (music match jukebox, a very nice windows encoder - USUALLY) keeps screwing up. First it tells me it can't record in digital mode, and then it switches automatically (damnit) to analog mode and then freezes up, while the cd starts playing. Sigh.

I couldn't get it to stop playing until I tried opening Winamp, and then it stopped and I was able to eject it. MMJB is still frozen as I type this. I think I'm going to do the old uninstall, reinstall dealie and see what happens. I wish ogg vorbis didn't suck so much ass, I'd switch in a second.

That's the problem with open source stuff - there are a lot of great ideas and a lot of great people, and a whole lotta lotta crappy software. There's some great software too, but too many projects don't have the direction, the drive, or the manpower to turn out commercial-quality software (and that's not saying much...!), let alone high quality software. Sigh. Depressing, ain't it? Bow down the The Man or use Crap. Fortunately, there is some good open source/ free software, and I do use that quite enthusiastically, and keep on hoping more will come out... and it is, slowly but surely. :)

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