ntang (ntang) wrote,


Ok, so, I no longer have to look at the iPod Nano and think, "hmm, that looks kind of cool, but I could never bring myself to buy anything from apple", because I just won one (2G model) as a door prize raffle. Not bad, considering it's the first time I've ever won a door prize raffle in my life. (Disclaimer: my son won a raffle once, and technically I paid for the raffle ticket, but it was for him, so I don't count that one towards my total raffle winnage.) Now I need to play with it and figure out what the hell to do with it. (My current mp3 player has 20G, so having to cut down to 2G is going to be an interesting culling process. But I'm sure I can manage, heh. ;) )

It's tiny.
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