ntang (ntang) wrote,


...dinner tonight should be good.

I chopped up some chicken breasts and am cooking them up now in sesame oil, and I just added around a tablespoon of honey and a touch of soy and garlic, to give it a little subtle flavor, but not much. Should make a nice little glaze. After that's fried up a bit I'll add in the thai red curry sauce I got, some coconut milk, maybe some other stuff, and fry that up. Oh, and I'm going to put half aside to use with the satay sauce I got, hehe. And I'm going to fry up some thin chinese noodles to have it with. Damn I'm hungry. Wish I had 2 nice pans. Sigh. Cooking everything one thing at a time sucks. Must spend money and get more pans. Must get money to spend. Bleh.

Ah well. Time to go finish dinner, assuming this step is done. Need more pans. :/

And a wok damnit.
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