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Bird on my pillow

No, the subject is not some sort of euphemism; this is no tired avian version of a monkey on my back or anything.

I woke up to my alarm blaring, hit snooze, and closed my eyes again. 15 minutes later, when the alarm went off again, I woke up with a groan and went outside to check on the kids. After giving them their good morning hugs and kisses, I walked back into my room, intending to close my eyes for a few minutes and see just how close I could shave the whole getting-into-work thing, but when I climbed onto my bed, I was greeted with a bird on my pillow.


Maybe you didn't hear me.

I said there was a BIRD on my PILLOW.


You see, my window was open, but at an angle - it swings open, it doesn't slide open. I guess sometime in the 10 minutes I was out of my room, the bird must've flown into my window, and dropped onto my pillow, stunned. (I was pretty stunned, too.)

I walked out of my room and asked for a box, in a bit of a daze. He wanted to know what size box? What shape? I said I NEED a BOX. I grabbed the first one I could find, and put the bird in the box, then took it out and showed my dad and the kids. They were a little stunned, too. Of course, not that stunned - the first thing the kids asked was "Can we keep it?".

Anyways. Yeah. There was a BIRD on my PILLOW.

That's so weird.

Here's the window in question:

(I use a box to prop it open, in case you were wondering.)



I'm too tired for this.

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