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Before I head to bed, I've been meaning to post this for a few days. I was accepted to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, so I'll be starting that soon. Just have to decide which school - there's one in Chelsea and one on the LES that both need Big Brothers, so we'll see. I need to check each out and see which is a more reasonable commute (not that the commute is the only thing that matters, but the shorter the commute the easier it'll be for me to be there on-time and spend the full time without worrying about work). So, to everyone that offered to write me a recommendation - and doubly so for those that did! - thank you.

(I would've posted this - and a few other things - sooner... but I've been without a working keyboard/mouse combo at home for a week now. Long story. At this point I've got a keyboard, but no mouse. Next week, I should be getting both back up again. And before you ask, just think about this for a second - when was the last time you tried using Windows without a mouse? It's possible, sure, but it ain't pretty. As a result, I haven't been spending much time online. I've been too busy at work to even come up for air, so nothin' doin' there, either. But at least after this week I'll be able to get on at home from time to time.)

Anyhoo. This weekend my family will be celebrating my birthday - my dad is making a pair of ducks, and I'm making pulled pork. My mom is making a cake, I think. Hopefully will be a nice, relaxing, quiet weekend, with lots of good food. After this weekend, I need to cut back on the eating, I've put on several pounds over the past 2 months, what with the multiple weddings (3) and birthdays (at least 4).

Ah well. Off to bed with me.

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