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The remains of the day

Well, the brisket seemed to be pretty popular. Here's what was left behind:
The brisket - leftovers

So that went well. You can see how it came out in these:
The finished brisket - The finished brisket - closeup

As you can probably see, it came out surprisingly tender and moist - the last time was pretty good, but this time just blew me away. I cooked the thing from 10 pm on Saturday night until 7 pm on Sunday - that's a good 21 hours - and yet it was so juicy that each piece I cut off was literally dripping with juices (and fat). Good stuff.

Check it out:
The brisket - slices

Not much left in the end. I guess that's a good sign. ;) (A little insane, too - I made a 9 pound hunk of meat, and it was completely devoured. And yeah, we even went back and picked out the meat from that last remaining slice.)

Utter destruction - The brisket - leftovers

Bobby Flay can kiss my ass.

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