ntang (ntang) wrote,

More articles before bed...

* White House Enacts a Plan to Ease Political Damage
* Blame Game, Set and Match
* Frustrated: Fire crews to hand out fliers for FEMA
* ‘Tribes’ find way to survive in French Quarter
* Sean Penn To The Rescue?

The fourth one, "TRIBES", might interest some of you. It's definitely not along the lines of most of what I've posted, and is really freaking long, but has some good stuff in it. It's an opinion piece, and I don't agree with all of the opinions, but it's certainly thought provoking. (And I do agree with -some- of them.)

The last one is mostly for amusement sake - a lot of celebs talk a good talk, but as Sean Penn demonstrates, they don't always walk the walk so well.

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