ntang (ntang) wrote,


Ok, my first batch of hand-written letters have all gone out. (Sadly, they sold me Disney stamps at the post office this morning. Le sigh.)

If anyone is interested in receiving a hand-written letter from yours truly, leave your full name and address in a comment (they'll be screened, i.e. no one else can see them). If you'd like to receive anything (remember: think flat, light, small, like a photo, or... ticket stub... or newspaper clipping... or whatever) stuck in with the letter, let me know. And if there's anything in particular you'd like to hear me write about, then let me know that too. :)

It'll take me a few weeks to do each batch, and at the end of each batch I'll send out another call for names and addresses and such. So if you want in with this batch, just lemme know. :)
Tags: fountain pen, letter

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