ntang (ntang) wrote,

Clear Channel: racism is A-OK in our book!

Some of you may remember when I "broke the news" in here a while back about the Tsunami song, the clearly racist song on Hot 97 that eventually ended up getting the entire crew responsible fired. Well, there's another chapter in this tale, and this time someone beat me to the punch. Without further ado...

Clear Channel's Kim Bryant Defends Racism

"Rick Delgado, the producer who was fired from Hot 97 for his role in their infamous anti-Asian/anti-African/anti-human Tsunami Song, is now producer of KYLD's morning show in San Francisco."


You can follow the link to read the rest, but do you really need to read any more? Well, actually, yes. After you finish reading that, one of the comments refers to this article:

'Tsunami Song' producer to start Bay Area morning show Monday on Wild 94.9

"In a surprising interview, Delgado said he thinks he was misinterpreted and wrote a song that was only in bad taste, but not racist, even though it used an epithet for Chinese people. He said he won't do that again, 'because I like their food and want to eat in their restaurants.'"

That's right, folks, Delgado has seen the light - because he'd hate to lose out on all that General Tso's chicken. Sigh.

(Alerted to this by lilhlfpint.)
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