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Hmmm. You stop paying attention for 10 minutes and the world goes to hell. I just took some time to skim through TPM, and found... a lot of news.

- So apparently, Matt Cooper's source was Karl Rove. That's interesting, at the very least.

- Randy "Duke" Cunningham, congressman, had his home, office, and other locations raided, as he's apparently suspected of corruption - involving a friend and business partner, Mitch Wade, who is apparently a defense contractor... yadda yadda. I just heard about this, so I'm still catching up.

- By now everyone has heard, but in case you're living in a box, Chief Justice Sandra Day O'Connor turned in her resignation. Of course, William Rehnquist is in poor health and isn't expected to last in office for much longer, either. There's a decent chance that he'll be retiring (or dead :P ) while Bush is still in office, which would of course give Bush two chances to appoint new Chief Justices. There's been a big uproar about the obvious concern - with her (O'Connor) gone, surely Roe v. Wade will be overturned, right? Well... maybe not. Even with her gone, there are still 5 justices on the record who upheld the decision. So it might actually be safe (for now - don't get me wrong, I'm not saying forever - and it's not as if they can't change their minds...). Fortunately, since Rehnquist was not one of them, even if he also retires, there's still a chance that it will stand as-is. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed.

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