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Last night in New York

Tomorrow I hop on a plane for New Orleans.

I'm mostly done packing, but honestly I've put almost no thought into it, just been wandering and grabbing things as they come to mind and tossing them in my suitcase. As such, it's totally disorganized and probably missing some important stuff. Oh well. (I'm trying my best to care, but honestly, just can't bring myself to.)

I lost my headphones, which really pisses me off - they were a decent pair (sony in-ear headphones, like $40 or something) and I really liked them. It means I won't have any music available for the flight or anything, which is kind of annoying - I've gotten used to immersing myself in the music and just sort of fading away, when I have time to kill. I may swing by Best Buy or something tomorrow just to get a new set - I've been looking for days and haven't been able to find them, so they're probably really gone. Annoying. (Of course, you're aware how it works, right? As soon as I buy a new pair, I'll find the old pair. Oh well. Better too many than too few, I guess.)

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but it's probably nothing. I'm feeling unusually nervous about this - it didn't make me as nervous when I was getting ready for Vancouver, for instance. Could just be because it's a new city - there's more than a little excitement because of that, too, I've wanted to go to NOLA for a long time and never made it, before.

I'll be attending the Red Hat Summit, which I've heard should be a pretty good conference. It's a steal, too, at $999 including hotel and food for 3 days. After that, Joanna will be flying in to spend the weekend with me, which should be pretty cool - we can explore the city together once the official stuff is over.

Anyways, I'll probably be mostly/entirely incommunicado during this time - while there's wifi in the rooms and such, part of my goal is to actually get out there and see the city. As such, I plan on making a deliberate effort to unplug and get out. I also plan on exercising my cameras and using them for all they're worth. :) I really want to go on the graveyard and creole tours and see some of the city, but I also want to explore some on my own. I wonder how safe it is to wander around in the middle of the night. I'm a little hesitant - I feel safe wandering in NYC at 2 am, but I'm not sure what New Orleans is like at that time - from what I've heard, some parts are still jumping, but other parts are pretty nasty.

Notes to self:
- Preservation Hall
- Ralph's on the Park
- Victor's
- Marisol
- Commander's Palace
- Dooky Chase (gumbo/cajun food)
- Addis Deli and Grocery
- Tours: Creole & Graveyard & Swamp

There's a million other things, but that's all I've bothered to assemble... (and honestly 99% of it came from skimming docbrite's journal for the past 10 minutes).

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