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The dreaming

Ok, so.

Woke up out of nowhere at 6:45 am. Wandered over to the computer, looked, and lo and behold I had an email that had just arrived, and a second later, got another, and then a third. (All within minutes of my waking up.) Read them, looked around for a sec, went back to bed.

I had trouble falling back asleep, but finally did. Then I woke up, and after sitting in bed for a minute, called Joanna, to ask what time I should go over. I turned and looked at the clock, and saw in horror that it was 7:30... pm! I asked her if it was really 7:30 pm and after a brief pause, she said yes. I started freaking out and asked her if I should come over right away and she said sure. So I hung up and continued freaking out, thinking of all of the things I was supposed to do today and wondering how the hell I had just slept through the entire day.

There was a knock at the door, and I opened my eyes. Wha...? My dad called through the door, "Ok, we're leaving now..." What? I sat up in bed and looked at the clock. 8:30 am. God damnit!

I got out of bed, went out and said good bye to the kids, then went back in my room and got some clothes together. Had to get ready for some biking today. Stumbled into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain closed, and turned the water on. (I like to turn the water on first, give it a second to stabilize, and then get into the shower.) I took my clothes off and hopped in the shower, when my alarm went off.

I opened my eyes and turned to look at the alarm. 8 am. Time to wake up. Shit. I was getting dizzy, here. I sat up and tried to make some sense of my surroundings. After a sec I gave up, shook my head, got out of bed, and went and hit the snooze button.

No new emails. Ok. Scratched my head and blinked my eyes, trying to clear the sleepiness out of them. No such luck. I grabbed my treo and looked at the calendar, trying to remember where I needed to be, and when. Ok, 10:30 at the park, no problem, I had plenty of time. I wondered why I had set the alarm so early. I yawned, stretched, and stood up. The doorbell rang.

I opened my eyes, getting a good look at the ceiling, and watched the room rush by as I sat up. Nnnggghhh, not again...

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