ntang (ntang) wrote,

No phone

I left my cell phone charger at work, and so I have no phone. It's dead.

I wondered why I hadn't gotten a 2nd charger yet, and then I remembered when I tried to buy one online - I CAN'T FIND ONE. Seriously. So stupid.

If anyone knows where I can get a Treo 650 charger (just the charger, nothing else, nothing special, no European adapters, not the car charger, not an $80 jumbo pack that has everything I need and a bunch of shit I don't need...), please let me know, because I can't fucking find one. Palmone.com? Nope. Sprintpcs.com? Nope. Amazon? Nope. Bestbuy? Nope. I tried all of the usual suspects, but no dice.

Glarg. Anyways, I was going to go tonight to pick it up, but c'mon, it's raining, and wet, and cold, and... yeah. Maybe tomorrow. But it'll already be Sunday, and that seems like a waste. So maybe I'll just wait until Monday and then also ask the office manager if -she- can find me a god damned Treo 650 charger, since I sure as hell can't seem to.

Oh, anyways, the point of this post - if you need to talk to me, use my home phone. I will probably go out for a little while tomorrow, maybe take the kids to see SW3, but I wouldn't be answering my phone during the movie or while in the subway anyways so there's not much to worry about there. Anyhoo... home phone.

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