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Latest stats on the Webby awards

Community Sites
1.) Beliefnet 29.4363700815314%
2.) craigslist 29.2307692307692%
3.) LiveJournal 13.9595887982985%

Personal Site
1.) LiveJournal 25.3996224040277%
2.) DancingPaul 21.8753933291378%
3.) Blogger 21.0320956576463%

1.) PayPal 28.1527405946174%
2.) PlanetFeedback 22.6010990559391%
3.) LiveJournal 17.5567141045512%

Judging by the amount we've jumped up today (and the way the "all other write-ins" entry has dropped), it looks like they finally went through and "cleaned up", consolidating the various LJ entries into one, so now the votes are finally accurate. I'd say as long as we don't stop we have Personal Sites, the most important one, wrapped up - Blogger has made a big gain on Dancing Paul recently, and if we don't keep votes coming in we will lose to them. The others are awfully tight and frankly I have some doubts about them - but it's still worth a shot. Still, pretty damn cool, looks like we've gotten at least one Webby, and still have a chance at the other two. Rock on. :)
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