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I'm overtired.

I wanted to get so much done tonight, and instead I've done nothing, sat around and chatted with some friends online. Surfed the web. Caught up on old emails and friends' LJ entries. Wasted a whooole lot of time.

Now, I'm waiting for a chicken pot pie to finish cooking so I can eat and then go to sleep.

There's an asian-american festival in New York on Sunday, I'm thinking of taking my 1 year old. Not sure if it's worth the effort, especially as tired as I've bee recently and with as much stuff to do this weekend as I have... (grammar is for wussies...)

I also really do want to get around to working on LJ::TextMessage. Feel bad for putting it off, but I've just been... occupied. Haven't been able to focus on it, not that it really needs all that much focus. Sigh.

I have a great desire to watch some hong kong movies. Damnit, I really wish I had my DVD's back. So frustrating. I really want to re-watch Farewell My Concubine, and maybe some Chow Yun Fat action movies after that (I know, they're so closely related :P ). The Killer... mmm.... must watch the DVD's my father loaned me, so I can return them. I've had them for 2 or 3 weeks already and only watched one. Oops. When do I have time for DVD's?

("Well... right NOW," his mind pointed out in an irritating manner.)

Ok! I give up! I can't resist this kind of pressure. I'm going to watch a movie. The choices:

Movies on loan from my father...
  • Big Night

  • American Pop

  • The Great Train Robbery

  • Chushingura

  • The Patriot - this is the one I watched...

  • Movies I want to (re)watch that I own
  • The Human Condition Trilogy

  • La Femme Nikita

  • A whole pile of movies that were borrowed and NEVER RETURNED DAMNIT!

  • Much ponderage to undertake. Which movie.... which movie...

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