ntang (ntang) wrote,

Sponsor me for the AIDS Walk!


C'mon, people. I'm sure someone (well, more than 2 of you, thanks you two!!!) can spare $10 or $20 (or $1000) to sponsor me, right? It's for a good cause. And you won't burn in Hell. (Well, you might, but you certainly won't get any closer to Hell because of this donation.)


It's a flat rate, this isn't some sort of per-mile or per-km charge or anything. If I'm going to walk, might as well do it in style, and if I can raise another $50k they'll give me a gold cape and a sceptre to walk with. (Ok, I'm lying, but heck, if I raise that much I'll get my own. :P )


(Did you catch the subtle subliminal message there? Hint: there's a url link somewhere in this post... see if you can find it! It's like Where's Waldo, except trickier.)

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