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Hmmm. One more try.

Well, I've basically given up on Voluntech and Techcorps, they both suck ass. So I'm trying one more remote volunteer organization. Actually found them as they were nominated for a Webby in the activism category. ;) Volunteermatch.org.

Oh, and my boss has a contact with ties to Planned Parenthood, he might be able to get me a spot helping them remotely, which would be cool.

If they don't pan out, I'm going to assume that trying to help that way is futile and I'll have to look into other ways of giving something back. It's so frustrating that I WANT TO HELP and I can't. Bleh.

(Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm getting pulled in a dozen ways already, but I want to help, I really do, and damnit, I do my best when I'm going a little crazy. ;) I think sometimes I thrive on stress.)

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