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Holy Shit!

I just got back from the gym (well, I did other things, like help my mom rearrange some furniture in her apartment, but anyways). The gym was nice, but what really amazed me... well, it was how much I could do in the leg press machine.

450 pounds.

And I don't mean like I managed to do it once; I did 10 reps of 450 pounds each rep, full extension, no bullshit, after having done a good 40 or 50 reps at lower weights.

Yeah, 450 pounds. I need a new leg icon.

(The machine only goes to 500 pounds. After that, I need to find a new machine. If only my arms were so strong... well, I guess the running has helped! Now, don't get me wrong, I do realize that competitive bodybuilders can do over 1000 pounds when it comes to leg presses, but let's not forget, I'm not a competitive body builder. 450 pounds ain't half bad for a geek. :) )
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