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Finally did some tv watching after a few days without. It was nice to relax and not really think, just catch some shows.

Everwood: new one! And... good. I'm still amazed by some of those teen actors, there's no way an actor that young should be that expressive and still so subtle. They must have some great directors and acting coaches, but even still. It was a ridiculously depressing episode, but... well, it was very good, but ridiculously depressing is still ridiculously depressing and probably not a good way to start off the night.


Scrubs: it was a silly one, which was good, because the Everwood was a little heavier than I was in the mood for. Not the best ever, but pretty funny, and it had yet another actor from Ed as a guest-star. Ed is another old favorite tv show of mine, so it's nice to see the crew returning for these little guest spots on yet another favorite show of mine.

The Office: Hall-e-fucking-lujah. Finally, it delivers, after 4 weeks of suffering, we have seen the light. A completely new episode, The Basketball Game, and actually funny for the first time. See, with episodes like this every week, it'd be worth watching. The actors are finally starting to get into their characters a little better, and we're starting to see some of the same awkwardly painful (but very funny) humor in spots. There is hope, people.

And... that's it.

In other news, I just finished Prime (the 2nd Poppy Z. Brite novel I was reading) earlier tonight. Good book, also depressing and down towards the end, also not helping moods, but still, very good. Of course, I've now burned through both of her books in less than 6 days, and I wasn't particularly try to rip through them. Sigh. I need to take a speedless reading course or something.

Anyways, that's it for the "media consumed recently" report.

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