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I've started reading again - actual reading, this time, not books on project management or organization or whatever. Feh. I was getting so sick of those. It's like trying to live off a diet of health food... makes me nauseous.

Anyways, one thing I used to do voraciously was read - read read read read read. All the damn time. And, for some reason, I stopped. Well, lots of reasons. Books were expensive. It took up too much of my time. I had a life to live. But... I really enjoyed reading. And I missed it. And I said, you know, if reading brings me pleasure, then you know what? It's not a waste of time, it's actually a good thing.

So, now, I'm reading again.

First two books I've knocked out (well, almost done with the second):
Liquor, by Poppy Z. Brite
Prime, by Poppy Z. Brite

They are a -radical- shift away from her previous subjects (supernatural, vampires, gothy stuff). Well, not radical - they still feel a lot like her novels, but instead of describing lots of gothic decadence, the sensuality of drawing blood, or doing drugs, or the constant sex, these are about food. Well, cooking. Well, chefs, really. Two of them. And the sex scenes are basically non-existent - they have sex, and she occasionally briefly describes it, but only in passing. The real sensuality in these books is in the food more than anything.

They're set in New Orleans, and star a pair of friends / lovers / chefs. I won't go into the details of what the books are about, but apparently she borrowed heavily from her husband's experience cooking (he's a chef) and her own experience eating (she apparently is quite the foodie, something I hadn't realized and/or remembered), and threw in some of her lush language and her interesting, but slightly melodramatic plots, and next thing you know, you've got a really enjoyable read.

Of course, for me, I love the food talk and the cooking and the description of it all, but really, there's plenty of other stuff in there too. The characters are interesting, the plots are occasionally overdone but honestly nothing that couldn't happen (and some of it certainly does happen on a daily basis), and the language, as usual, is rich and occasionally gorgeous. I recommend them.

After these? A slightly lighter book, a bit of a comedy, and then from there, not sure. Eagerly awaiting Gaiman's latest book, Anansi Boys, and I need to start looking around for other books.

Anyone have recs? I'll take anything, as long as it's good and genuinely enjoyable. I don't mind complexity or intricacy, I'm ok with having to put some effort into a book, but I don't want one of those books where you read it because you ought to read it, as opposed to a book where you read it where you want to read it. Obviously everyone has different ideas of what's enjoyable, but just try to keep it in mind as you recommend stuff. ;)
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