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p0t p!3 own3rz j00!!!

Observation: I get strange when I get overtired.

my friend (11:16:44 PM): hmm...tornado might be coming to town...
EclecticRubbish (11:17:04 PM): Sweetness
EclecticRubbish (11:17:07 PM): Take photos and shit
EclecticRubbish (11:17:14 PM): word.
my friend (11:17:36 PM): i dont think you wanna see pictures of my bathroom..cause thats where ill be...with my computer
EclecticRubbish (11:17:50 PM): Eew
EclecticRubbish (11:17:55 PM): Dude I don't want to know about shit like that.
my friend (11:17:59 PM): dork
my friend (11:18:21 PM): i seriously think id unhook my machine and store the case somewhere :P
EclecticRubbish (11:19:44 PM): Hahaha
my friend (11:21:07 PM): damn...theyre showing the radar of the weather...its a giant wall of death
my friend (11:21:21 PM): just miles and miles long of the 'severe' color
my friend (11:21:42 PM): practically across all of texas..and thats alot
EclecticRubbish (11:21:54 PM): lol woo woooo
my friend (11:22:18 PM): holy fuck
my friend (11:22:26 PM): it IS across all of texas..north to south
my friend (11:23:04 PM): from the border around mexico..west of the gulf..not the very tip...north to where the border of ok is hit
my friend (11:23:07 PM): wow :P
EclecticRubbish (11:24:10 PM): dude, that storm owns j00
my friend (11:24:16 PM): http://www.weather.com/maps/news/severewinternow/index_large.html
my friend (11:24:18 PM): check that out
my friend (11:25:22 PM): see that?
my friend (11:25:25 PM): thats crazy
EclecticRubbish (11:25:57 PM): Oh, big fucking deal. So there's a tornado watch. Worst case scenario, it rips your house up, you're tossed around, brutally smashed against things, crippled and maimed, a cow falls on you, and you end up falling from 100 feet into someone's bloody septic tank.
EclecticRubbish (11:26:10 PM): Chill out.
my friend (11:26:20 PM): ya..but my corpse will be covered in poison ivy
my friend (11:26:27 PM): poison ivy dont look purty
EclecticRubbish (11:26:30 PM): Who said anything about a corpse, man?
my friend (11:26:32 PM): haha
EclecticRubbish (11:26:44 PM): I said WORST CASE scenario. Death is too easy.
my friend (11:27:09 PM): ya..if i survive theyll put me on tv
EclecticRubbish (11:28:08 PM): That would be nifty.
EclecticRubbish (11:28:17 PM): Wonder if they'll let you clean the shit off first.
my friend (11:32:08 PM): probably not
my friend (11:33:53 PM): seriously..have you ever seen a weather formation like that before?
EclecticRubbish (11:34:26 PM): Um... I don't know?
EclecticRubbish (11:35:31 PM): so how did ashley judd ever get born into the judd family?
EclecticRubbish (11:35:34 PM): Was she adopted?
my friend (11:35:50 PM): probably
my friend (11:36:41 PM): hmm..this is good..before it was a solid line of red meaning tornado warning....now its mainly yellow and orange
EclecticRubbish (11:36:51 PM): Nice.
my friend (11:38:03 PM): of course kristine kahanek works mornings..bah!
EclecticRubbish (11:38:36 PM): hahaha
my friend (11:39:36 PM): shes sexy
EclecticRubbish (11:40:01 PM): ok
my friend (11:45:21 PM): omg..you see this stuff about world.com?
EclecticRubbish (11:45:25 PM): ?
my friend (11:45:32 PM): http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,43490,00.html
EclecticRubbish (11:47:27 PM): hahahaha
my friend (11:47:38 PM): what a bunch of loons
EclecticRubbish (11:48:00 PM): yup
EclecticRubbish (11:48:03 PM): brb need food
EclecticRubbish (11:48:06 PM): and drink
EclecticRubbish (11:48:07 PM): ugh so dry
EclecticRubbish (12:05:43 AM): God I'm a fucking genius.
my friend (12:05:50 AM): are you?
EclecticRubbish (12:05:57 AM): Totally.
my friend (12:06:11 AM): uh huh
EclecticRubbish (12:06:24 AM): And to prove it, I'm going to talk in hax0r speak from now on. I 0wn j00z!!!
my friend (12:06:47 AM): l33t
my friend (12:07:14 AM): mind explaining why?
EclecticRubbish (12:07:15 AM): !'m l33t3r th4n l33t d00dz
my friend (12:08:14 AM): what did you do dammit
EclecticRubbish (12:08:16 AM): g!v3 m3 j00r int3rn3t numb4h s0z i k4n h4x0r j00z
my friend (12:08:40 AM): give it a rest and explain what you did :)
EclecticRubbish (12:08:45 AM): Nothing, I just realized I had carrots and brocolli in the fridge.
my friend (12:08:51 AM): i see
EclecticRubbish (12:09:06 AM): So now I'm having carrots and brocolli and dip
EclecticRubbish (12:09:12 AM): and I've got a chicken pot pie in the oven
my friend (12:09:20 AM): sounds pretty nasty
EclecticRubbish (12:09:36 AM): p0t p!3 own3rz j00!!!
my friend (12:09:59 AM): no
EclecticRubbish (12:10:17 AM): So suck pot pie wang.
my friend (12:10:25 AM): no
EclecticRubbish (12:10:29 AM): Ok.
EclecticRubbish (12:10:33 AM): Well, that's ok.
my friend (12:10:38 AM): ha
EclecticRubbish (12:10:41 AM): You're going to get eaten by a tornado soon anyway.

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