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Well, the good news is that I'm feeling a bit better. Had a tuna sub for lunch, drank some OJ, got some of the stuff I wanted to get done done. So that's all good. Been watching tv, but I'm getting a bit antsy - I think I'm going to get back to work, I want to get some of this shit cleared out. It's killing me, all this old crap laying around.

Sigh. A little lonely, wish I had some company (my dad could count, depending on the situation, but with his gout flaring up he's couch-ridden, and honestly, I've spent way too much time with him over the past couple of years - watched some tv with him, now I'm done, want someone else to spend some time with). I also feel frustrated - so much stuff I want to get done, no time to do it. Blarg.

Maybe I'll do the rebate forms while I watch with him, and then once I'm done with those, start on the clearing-out process. Hmmm. That sounds good.

I need to take stock after I've cleared out some stuff and figure out what I need - more storage places, mainly, or at least a better use of them. I just need to put shit away, and get out some step-stools so I can use the higher-up storage areas I've got. If I actually put everything away, and get rid of the stuff I don't use, I might have enough room to put away the rest of it and reclaim some of my room. Ooh, exciting. Step two, of course, is to get my dad to do the same... that, though, is going to be a much, much, much, much bigger challenge.

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