ntang (ntang) wrote,

To-do list

Crazy day today, must do many things.

Here we go:
  • Go to bank, deposit check. (Found over $600 worth of checks to deposit! That's good - but it's bad, because I only got one of them this week, the rest were old. D'oh.)
  • Go to bookstore, purchase book.* (Poppy Z. Brite, Liquor. I'll get the sequel, Prime, on Amazon, it's good.)
  • Go to post office, see if my PO Box is still valid or if they closed it for non-payment. (Sigh. I totally forgot about it.) (Still open! Will post details!)
  • Buy and eat lunch!
  • If I go really crazy, buy new socks (and maybe other clothes too, but I really want new socks).
  • Hair cut? (This list is officially insane now. But I'm starting to resemble my icon.)
  • Spring cleaning part one: get together old stuff for donating and/or throwing out. (Done with part one - got rid of the excess clothes, threw away a lot of magazines and papers, etc.! Still working, but honestly, got more done already than I had expected.)
  • Help mom with a few things (maybe? not sure if she still needs it...) (Talked to her, everything's good.)
  • Watch Left of the Dial, the Air America documentary on HBO. (Ok, this isn't exactly important.) (Good show! Someone remind me to post about it later.)
  • Watch more tv. (This is not a good sign.) (Ok, enough of that. Can't take sitting in front of the tv any longer.)
  • Fill out rebate forms! Money! (Whee, $40 back, in 8... weeks... sigh.)
  • Go running. (This is dependent on my stomach actually feeling good enough that I trust going for a run.)
  • Learn to ride a bike. (Nope, still don't know. But at least now I have a bike. This is not, incidentally, probably a realistic goal for a list of stuff to finish today.)
  • Pick a place for brunch tomorrow.

Ok, so I'm setting the bar low. Shut up. I'll add more things later**. *cough*

* - Amazingly, Amazon has been getting more aggressive with its book pricing - even with my 10% off at B&N, it's still cheaper for me to get most stuff from Amazon. Crazy. But then you have to wait 2 days (or more, if you're not cool enough to be an Amazon Prime member) for the stuff to arrive. But... I want a new book to read, and I've got a coupon for an extra 10% off or whatever, which will... well, basically bring it to the same level as Amazon. Yeah, well, I'll get it today.

** - See? Up to -four- things on my list already! It's out of control!

Update: Did stuff! Doing stuff! Being productive! Crazy.
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