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I think I've lost my capacity for spicy food somewhere... wish I could find it. I've had a stomach ache and have been up since around 5 am. I drank some milk, which helped a little, but honestly? Not much. Probably should've had the milk last night instead of this morning, but oh well.


Had dinner with djstorm last night, which was nice, but I got that same soup (different place), the tom yum gong soup, which is a spicy soup w/ shrimp and mushrooms and other stuff, and today, got the stomach ache. (It's remotely possible there's something in these versions of it which I'm allergic to, but the reaction this time was different from last time. I also didn't eat the mushrooms this time. So I dunno.)

Man, I'm wiped out. Been alternating between lying on my bed, uncomfortable, and sitting here in my chair, uncomfortable. (And sitting on the toilet, uncomfortable, but I'll leave that right there.) Wish I knew what happened, never used to have this problem. Or maybe it really is something in that soup. Guess I won't be ordering that again.
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