ntang (ntang) wrote,

I think I'm dying...

Apparently the lunch I got had the slow-acting, time-release hot sauce on it. While eating the food (thai food, absolutely dripping with the hot oil) I was really surprised at how not hot it seemed, despite the hot oil. So I ate it. And it was pretty good, albeit a bit oily.

Anyways, after eating it, I now feel... well, the back of my head/neck/shoulders feels achy and burny, as if I had just put tiger balm on them or something. Seriously. My tongue? Not hot at all. My belly? A little warm. The back of my neck? Aching, and burning.

What the fuck is this? I've never had this feeling from spicy food before. I think I'm dying or something. Maybe I'm having a heart attack from all of the oil. Jesus. I need some tylenol or something.
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