ntang (ntang) wrote,


(18:42:38) me: I wonder what adsense gets you for 10b views a month :P
(18:42:49) him: Larry page gives you a hummer, I think
(18:42:58) him: (take that as you will)
(18:43:14) me: Personally, I'd rather have the cash
(18:43:23) him: Me too, heh.
(18:43:28) me: I can buy hookers with that if need be
(18:43:33) him: [friend] got a google clock
(18:43:36) him: for doing so many ads
(18:43:37) me: Actually I guess hookers are more of a rental service
(18:43:45) him: You can buy a hooker if you pay enough.
(18:43:49) me: Probably
(18:43:58) me: But that's more of a lease with the option to buy at the end
(18:44:05) him: Yeah, I guess so
(18:44:14) me: I wonder if there are any factory reconditioned ones
(18:44:22) me: 90% as good for 50% of the cost!
(18:44:28) him: laser reconstructive surgery?
(18:44:36) him: I wouldn't doubt that.
(18:44:38) me: maybe botox and a gym membership

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