ntang (ntang) wrote,

Holy shit...! Biggest scammers EVAR!

I just found out about this place, Marketscore, that appears ready to rape the privacy of anyone who gets near them.

They have two "services" - one is a marketing research service that "accelerates" your browsing - basically, it acts as a full proxy, and they make money by watching what you do online and presumably selling the information to others. They also offer another "free service" - email virus scanning. Sounds reasonable, right?

Well, sure, until you find out what they do. Check out this choice quote from their "privacy" statement:
Our custom software monitors your Internet surfing and transmits, to our servers, data relevant to market research including web pages that you visit and the actions that you take while online, such as the purchases and transactions you make, the pace and style with which you enter information online and request web pages, which may include whether you click on links, type in web page names, or use shortcut keys. Marketscore can only monitor the Internet behavior and activity on those computers on which you have installed the Marketscore software. As a Member, you therefore control the computers on which the Marketscore service is available. This system monitors all of your Internet behavior, including both the normal web browsing you perform, and also the activity you may have through secure sessions, such as when filling a shopping basket or completing an application form that may contain personal financial and health information.

Yes, that's right - they watch everything you do, including your online shopping transactions and online health transactions. Hope you didn't mind them knowing your credit card number, about the porn you buy, or the fact that you've got gonorrhea - because, well, now they do. Oh, and everyone they partner with:

There are some limited cases in which we share personally identifiable information with third parties. Specifically, we provide personally identifiable information to third parties for the purpose of conducting the secure and confidential matches discussed more fully above.

But at least they offer free email virus scanning, right? Sure... you give them your POP mail information, and then they log in and scan your emails directly. It's just computers, though, right? So there's no harm in allowing it - computers can't read, after all. Sure. Except that sometimes, if they're trained, they can:

Marketscore will never read your personal emails. We may, however, process emails from commercial entities as a quality assurance check against information on the surfing and buying behavior of the members of our research community.

Sweet. So they watch what you surf, secure or not, and they read your emails. Well, shit, sign me up already!

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