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Spam: Increase your CUM VOLUME, and Orgasm Length

So I got this spam today:

Increase your CUM VOLUME, and Orgasm Length

main benifits
- The longest most intense Org;a-sms of your life
- Erctions like steel
- Enhancd libido/desire
- Stronger ejeculaton
- Multple 0rg_asms
- Up to 5OO% more volume (cover her in it if you wish)
- Studies show it tastes MUCH sweeter

(and so will she!)

Ok, so what I have to ask is this. Is it really great to increase the volume of cum you spurt by 500%? I mean, sex tends to be a bit sticky and messy on a good day. Increasing the volume of your ejaculation by 500% just strikes me as asking for trouble. I mean, at that point, you're talking enough to overflow condoms, risk pregnancy or STD, get your sheets all nasty... that's not good. I mean, think about the practical implications. No one likes lying on the wet spot, right? Imagine if that wet spot was at least 5 times larger. I guess if you're a porn star it might be useful, but for everyone else, I really don't understand the appeal.

But maybe that's just me.

(Along those lines, here's a "blast" from the past: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ntang/319476.html )

With greatest apologies to Ms. Nicks, I'll close with some lyrics:

"...just to hear the call
Of a nightbird... singing...
come away... come away..."

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