ntang (ntang) wrote,

Oscar update

Some stuff happened. They gave out some awards and stuff. I don't remember who got what, probably because I don't really care, either. Yes, Spidey 2 won best effects. I'd say the other films got robbed, but their effects were weak, too. What the hell happened to the days of impressive special effects? Damnit. There used to be stuff worth gaping over. Remember when The Matrix first came out and everyone couldn't stop talking about bullet time? Man, those were the days.

Robin Williams was amusing.

The thing with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock? Way too forced. And Chris Rock didn't sell his half of it (or the awkwardness that should've come of it) at all. Next.

Beyonce has now done 2 songs, neither of which she really ought to have been doing. I will say this - she did better than I thought, and managed to make it through both ok. But she struggled with each - I think, more than anything else, just to stand still. You could tell she just wanted to get down and start shaking her booty. (Hey, it would've kept things interesting.)

I hate Renee Zellwegger and her freakish look. Gollum.

The Counting Crows song - I fast-forwarded through most of it, but I think they've probably never sounded worse. Did he actually ever manage to get on key? Because he started off pretty poorly and I had to just skip past the rest before my ears started bleeding. Not a good performance, there.

I always thought Lumet (as in Sidney) was pronounced loo-may, not loo-met. You learn something new every day.

Man, I love TiVO. I'm not sure if I could watch this without it. But with it? Not bad!

I think next year they should compress it down to 90 minutes, which will save me all of the fast-forwarding. I don't want to see them live. I want them to cut to the chase, cut out the crappy parts, and just show the funny ones. Or the occasional moving ones, but they're few and far between.

Oh, did everyone hear about Halle Berry? She won a Razzie yesterday for her work in Catwoman, and she actually went to accept it! Talk about a good sport. My respect for her increases.

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