ntang (ntang) wrote,

Watchin' the Oscars

Eh, so, I've never watched them before but Chris Rock is hosting them, and everyone on my damn f-list is watching them, so I'm going to be a sheep and at least give them a shot.

One plus: with TiVO, I can skip all of the boring parts.

*hits fast forward repeatedly*

Ok, I will say - Chris Rock's opening monologue was pretty good. Not great, but decent. And I will say he held himself back admirably, there were a few times I got the impression he wanted to say a lot more than he did... but he didn't. They should make a director's cut.

(Oh, and The Gap and Banana Republic are both owned by the same company - Gap, Inc. They also own Old Navy. I'm guessing that wasn't an intentional statement about the US and Iraq being owned by the same group, but just a bit of an oopsie there. If it WAS intentional it was one of the more subtle political jokes I've heard.)
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