ntang (ntang) wrote,

Public transportation: 1, Me: 0

I was running behind this morning, for reasons I won't get into, but there were things that needed to be dealt with. After dealing with them, I headed out to work and hopped on the F.

Normally, my commute to work is fairly easy - F to Jay St., A to Canal, walk 2 blocks. Door to door, maybe 30 minutes. Easy.

Well, today was different. I hopped on the F, and got out at Jay St. - good. But then they announced that the A was running over the F line from Jay St. to West 4th, and I saw a sign saying the C wasn't running today. Damnit! The announcer did say, though, that to get to the stops between Jay St. and West 4th, you could just ride the A down from West 4th. I hopped back on the F before the doors closed, and rode it up to West 4th.

At West 4th, I got on the downtown A, reassured by the announcement that the next stop would be Spring Street. Ah, yes. Maybe things will work out - it added an extra 15 minutes and a little extra to my commute, but it wasn't that bad so far, right?


The doors opened at Broadway/Lafayette - it was going back down on the F line. Damnit! I ran to the 6 line, only to see a downtown 5. What? Oh, holiday, holiday! The next stop was Spring Street - so I dove on before the doors closed. And it did, in fact, go local, and I got off on Canal.

Anyways, from there I just walked the 8 or 10 blocks over to Hudson, and got in to work. But the end result was a few extra mad dashes, and a good 30 minutes of extra commute time - double my normal time. Sigh. Well, I'm here now. (And I've certainly had much worse subway stories, but it was just one of those injury/insult situations - especially when the A stopped at a different stop than the train conductor announced.)

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