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...the humidity's 100% according to weather.com.

I'm sorry, but whoever thought of that scale was a fuckface.

100% humidity is when you're swimming, in my book. Either that, or close to it.

It's more humid today than it was that day I said the humidity was 97%, and a lot more than 3% more humid. Bleh.

I figure today should be maybe a 90-95% humidity, as between the air and the fog it's really humid but could probably get a little worse without fish swimming by. At the very least an 85%. That day, on my scale, I'd place in the low to mid 80%'s. I'd also say anything above a 60-70% should be considered a state of emergency and all places of business should be required to give employees the day off, paid. Schools and daycares and some stores would remain open, of course, and the people that work there would just get overtime or bonuses something similar. Dehumidfying trucks should drive up and down the streets, offering free loaner dehumidifiers to any households that don't have one or can't afford one. Emergency Humidity Relief crews would canvas the area with folding lawn chairs, lemonade, fans, and cool washcloths. The local tv stations would run those little ticker bars across the bottom of the screen updating us all constantly on the state of the emergency and the current humidity reading.

Unless it's cold, in which case screw it.

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