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Ok, here are some New Years Resolutions:

1.) Reduce the clutter.

My whole life is cluttered and overflowing with things, whether it's papers on my desk, rss feeds on my LJ, or whatever. This adds complication and time to everything I do, and often causes problems (ever lose an important paper you need right before you need it?). It really does cut across everything I do and am. This is a big one, and frankly, if I get only this done - and I don't mean go into some sort of Zen emptiness, but even just make some noticeable progress - it'll be a big step forward in my life.

That's it, that's my only resolution.

See? I'm already starting.

Now, here are my New Years Predictions:

1.) Some form of technology will get both cheaper and more powerful and therefore become more ubiquitous.

2.) Some celebrity will get into trouble in some way, therefore making a tabloid headline.
2a.) Bonus celebrity prediction: a celebrity will also release a children's book in 2005.

3.) "President" Bush will say something stupid that embarrasses us, if even momentarily.
3a.) Bonus presidential prediction: Bush will do something stupid, too.

4.) There will be some form of major disaster, making all sorts of headlines. (Technically I'm hedging my bets with this one, as the tsunami did sort of roll over into 2005 already.)

5.) Fox News will air a blatantly pro-Conservative sentiment.
5a.) Bonus pundit prediction: Air America will air a blatantly pro-Liberal sentiment. Someone may even hear it.

6.) A government official, somewhere in the world, will abuse their power.

7.) A new Far Side calendar will be released, oddly containing no new strips.

8.) The Yankees will win at least one baseball game. Fueling their intense rivalry, so will the Sox. The Mets might, too.
8a.) Bonus baseball prediction: The Yankees and Red Sox will both overpay a player.

9.) An ugly piece of fashion will be the new in-thing.
9a.) Bonus culture prediction: an ugly behavior will also be the new in-thing.

And finally, my last prediction for 2005:

10.) I will find new reasons to hate.
10a.) Bonus final prediction addendum: (even more than I already have.)

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