ntang (ntang) wrote,

Happy New Year!

Man, I had a blast. I went to a party at nemesisbecoming's broke down palace, which was great. jynxyjoe was the first to arrive, I think, followed by a bunch of others... in semi-vague order, leahpia77 and... (cousin was it? memory... old age... etc. etc.), dkellergrl and tydred, tritia, karmakazesal, djstorm and friends, ebess and boy, irnbruise and girl, ozzdo, lwoodbloo, and... who am I missing? Anyone?

(If any of the afore-mentioned friends and people have lj names and want them stuck in here, lemme know. If I forgot anyone, d'oh! Tell me and I'll add them.)

There was good food and good booze, and most importantly (as you can tell), plenty of good people. There was yelling and dancing and karaoke and popping and pouring and spilling and drinking and eating and talking and cuddling and kissing and drunken phone-posts and cheering and laughing and lots of happiness. Every New Year should be brought in this way.

I've only found one set of pictures posted so far, by the intrepid Oz: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzdo/

So. I'm tired, but happy. Good times, good times.

Happy New Year!

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