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The 5 year old was being difficult about dinner again.

As a treat I decided to take them down to the deli and get them something nice for dinner. I was tired and certainly not in the mood to deal with cooking, and the 5 year old asked if we could. Since this morning and last night and the day and night before he ate without complaints, I figured a treat might be nice, show him that good behavior is rewarded. Right?

So we go down to the deli, and I blew way more than I can afford to spend, getting two pieces of chicken parmesan for him (and a little leftoverage), some ziti, a piece of salmon w/ banana honey sauce for me, and some little side things - a yogurt cup for him, some gatorade for him, a couple of bananas for the baby, and a root beer for me. It was about $25, which is a lot of money, but I figured I get paid tomorrow and deposited the tax refund yesterday and while I can't afford to waste money, once isn't going to kill us.

So I bring it upstairs, and the kids share the bananas while I heat up the food. Then I give J his chicken and ziti and he eats it, except for the pile of tomatoes and vegetables he leaves left over. So I scraped it all together, and split it, into piles 1/3 and 2/3 of the total amount. I then told him he had to eat the 1/3 pile, which came to maybe 2 tablespoons of vegetables in tomato sauce. Not exactly difficult, right?

Well, let's just say it did not go well, and now I'm in a royally bad mood and he's in bed without dessert and is back in trouble again.

Sigh. Why does he have to do this? Damn stubbornness, he gets it from both sides, and it just pisses me off sometimes. I don't think he even knows WHY he's misbehaving - he just feels compelled NOT to do what he's told. I saw the same pointless stubbornness in my wife, she admitted it, too, she knew - she had a mule-like stubbornness and if she decided she didn't want to play along, no matter what was asked or demanded of her she'd refuse to the bitter end, even if it was something she'd normally want.

Gleh. He's got that too. In spades.

The salmon was pretty good.

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