ntang (ntang) wrote,

A note on voting recounts and fraud investigations...

I know all of my Republican friends (and some Democratic ones, to be fair) have been talking about how recounts and fraud investigations and all of that are wastes of time and money and are just the last, futile flailings of a bunch of sore losers. And, in some cases, that's true.

But what's also true is that every American citizen with the right to vote deserves to have that vote counted, and even if it doesn't overturn the Presidential election results, it's already resulted in some potential shifts in other, smaller posts - local and state-level elected officials. Hell, last I heard Washington State still hadn't settled the matter of who their new Governor is - and it's down to 19 votes (or was this morning). Many local elections come down to similarly small numbers, and to say a few hundred votes here and there are expendable is immoral and un-American, frankly. Everyone's vote is supposed to count, remember?

So support the investigations of voter fraud, and support the efforts for recounts, don't mock them. Our Democracy depends on it. (Sadly, the defenders of the Democratic party can't be bothered to actually live up to their promises of making sure every vote counts - it's the Green and Libertarian Parties that've been leading the effort. That's so sad, but says good things about them, anyways.)

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