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Wish I could afford to call in sick today, but I can't spare the days. With only 5 a year... I think I've already used 2, maybe 3 so far. Having kids is rough that way.

I feel like crap. Sigh. If I didn't have kids, I'd have called in already and would be back in bed, thinking happy thoughts. Then I'd be bursting out of bed in a panic in around 20 or 30 minutes as I remembered I still have to take the kids to school*. Then I'd drop them off and probably fail to get back to sleep, and spend most of the day either laying in bed or puttering around doing nothing or playing EQ or would go online and work from home.



Maybe it's better that I have kids. ;)

Hey, today's presentation day. Introduction to PHP, by our very own CTO. I'm going, as I don't really know anything about PHP. Spending a couple of hours writing a single PHP script probably doesn't count as actually knowing it, in reality. ;)

* - You may have wondered, "Hey, if he's got no kids, why would he have to take the kids to school?". It's a parallel universe thing. You'd have to be there.

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